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The sixth fleet - 9782361080013

The sixth fleet - 9782361080013
The sixth fleet - 9782361080013
Reference : G29362
The Sixth Fleet - Whiteland Chronicles
The XXVth century... Men have long since realized their greatest dream: that of crossing infinite intersidereal distances. They have discovered other suns, other worlds, and brought civilization... But today, the galaxy is about to fall into violence. Two colonies that, for forty years, have broken all ties with their mother planet, Earth, are about to go to war... At the heart of this event that will revolutionize Galactic History, the career of the young officer Irwin Whiteland is oriented in an unexpected way. Will he hold a simple role in this conflict born of the madness of men? Is he of those who possess the stature to thwart even the inevitable. Will he be able to build a destiny for himself? Embark with The Sixth Fleet and discover, with Irwin Whiteland, its best kept secret: October Sun...
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