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The Starpoint Project Book Volume 1

The Starpoint Project Book Volume 1
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The Starpoint Project Book Volume 1
Reference : MARIELORNA
French book on the Starpoint Project Book Volume 1
Number of pages: 373
Dimensions: 14x21 cm

Used book: Good condition

Summary :
Pythagoras Luchon is 15 years old. He lives in the city of Loiret-en-Retz and is about to enter the second year of high school for an unsurprising school year: working a little bit, listening to music often, hitting on girls as much as he can, especially at the next back-to-school party during which he will be DJing. He has no illusions about the mockery he will have to endure about his mother? a math teacher in high school?, nor about the pain he will feel when he visits his father in hospital? a brilliant quantum physics researcher, who is in a coma after an attack. However, one thing makes him happy: he will soon find Louise, his best friend, the daughter of the high school guard. On the first day of school, Pythagoras discovers that Louise has apparently decided to do without their friendship. She has befriended a new student named Foresta Erivan, whose presence at her side is all the more intriguing because the two girls have nothing in common. Louise is a science and engineering geek, while the new student has a different look: she has red hair, always dresses in black, often in leather, and slaps people whose behaviour she doesn't like. When she met him, Louise isolated herself from her former friends, lost interest in her work and began to skip school. Pythagoras silently deplores the presence of this new student who irritates him as much as she attracts him, until she arrives at his house in the middle of the night to tell him Louise's disappearance. She explains that, to find her, they must go through what she calls the "blind spot" of the mirrors. Pyth follows her without suspecting that he is about to fall into a parallel world? the world in which Foresta grew up, and where Louise is about to get lost.

Many children grow up with an imaginary friend. Marie-Lorna Vaconsin had invented a universe where she took refuge with her youngest sister to live adventures in the form of an elaborate role-playing game. As a teenager, forced to put an end to this double life, Marie-Lorna found comfort in the fantastic literature: Narnia, by C.S. Lewis, The Northern Kingdoms, Pullman, The Talisman, King and Straub, and, of course, the wizard's world of Harry Potter. Many years later, during the most serious studies (hypokhâgne and khâgne at Henri-IV high school), Marie-Lorna did not completely abandon her taste for parallel worlds... her research subjects were strongly influenced by this? "Le monde imaginaire chez Jean Genet". When she is not studying, it is by drawing that she clings to her memories and by reproducing maps of clandestine continents, maps of superimposed cities, sketches of new vegetation studies. As an adult, she explores a new form of creation by opening restaurants with her sister. And fortunately for us, in the reflection of a window, she finds the way back to this other world that had continued to grow, nestled in her unconscious. The Starpoint Project was born.
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