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Singing body 9782921416924

Singing body 9782921416924
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Singing body 9782921416924
Reference : G1033114
This book is primarily intended for young people who are embarking on a singing career, attracted by the magic of the profession without knowing the various types of stress to which they subject their vocal chords. It will help them better understand all facets of a healthy voice and avoid compromising the career they covet by abusing their voice or adopting a lifestyle contrary to vocal performance. The book therefore deals with the development of the voice, its temporary or permanent disorders, their causes, the means of remedying them. The usual pitfalls of popular singing are also addressed. For the first time in pop singing, a singing teacher combines his expertise with that of an ear, nose and throat specialist to introduce singers to the secrets of accurate and lasting vocal expression. For the first time, singers like Céline Dion and Daniel Lavoie also testify to their voice preparation. The authors address themselves here to all those who use their voice in an amateur, therapeutic or professional setting, and to all those who have parental or professional responsibility. Their explanations are clear, the illustrations abundant and the advice precious! This second revised and expanded edition deconstructs even more preconceived ideas about voice health.
French edition.
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