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Phoenix Apostles - 9782896676101

Phoenix Apostles - 9782896676101
Phoenix Apostles - 9782896676101
Reference : SENECA
A mystery of Seneca Hunt
Volume 1 - The Apostles of the Phoenix
Seneca Hunt magazine journalist is reporting on the opening of Montezuma's tomb in Mexico City when the excavation team discovers that the remains of the Aztec emperor have disappeared. Moments after the discovery, an apparent terrorist attack killed everyone on the site except Seneca, who narrowly avoided carnage. Determined to find answers, Seneca began to conduct the investigation. She discovers that someone is stealing the remains of the most famous serial killers in history - and also plotting to execute millions in the name of an ancient cult. Seneca needs to prove that the threat really exists at the same time as she tries to stay away from those who want her dead. As time passes, she must follow a deadly trail of 2000 years of existence that leads her to the death of Jesus Christ.
French Edition
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