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HERGE and the enigma of the pole (Tintin

HERGE and the enigma of the pole (Tintin
HERGE and the enigma of the pole (Tintin
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And if Hergé's albums were fully coded?
And if this coding concerned the greatest secret in the history of humanity?
And if, for millennia, such a secret had been incorporated into monuments (pyramids, temples, cathedrals), transcribed by myths and a legendary (like the Grail) and made indissociable from the alchemical process?

One could add that it was the heart of chivalric organizations or initiatory societies including the mysterious 'Angelica', also called 'Fog'. According to some people, Tintin's father paced his trails.

Similar to the compass, such an enigma always indicates the Pole where, in distant times, a 'Supreme Center' existed.

This place of light, now inaccessible, awaits the advent of a new era.

The progressive revelation of the secret in question is hidden in the adventures of Tintin.

But it requires to discover what represents our young man and the characters he meets. Because, Haddock would be only a drunkard and Sunflower a brilliant scientist?

And, through Gounod's opera, does Castafiore have a mission to deliver a crucial message about the future of peoples?

This book proposes keys to reading - and decoding - responding to the many questions raised by the work of Hergé ('initiator of the Golden Pelican' with Edgar P. Jacobs). Black and white illustrations. French book.
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