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Asterix puns and gauliseries

Asterix puns and gauliseries
Asterix puns and gauliseries
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Asterix Unveiled - Slang, puns and gauliseries
Asterix slang?! Who would have thought? Yet this is what proves irrefutable at the end of this lexical study conducted with seriousness and competence. And it's a revelation! Of course we can hardly believe it, so discreet is this slang. But the affair gets tougher, as the druid Panoramix would say, when one realizes that this slang, almost invisible, is at the exclusive service of Gallic art. And it is a second revelation: the Gauls really discover themselves very Gallic. The boar is a metaphor for the woman; the sex and its games are spread with pleasure, although in all discretion; the naughty pleasures and the jokes do not frighten the inhabitants of the small village that we know well. In this field, they even show themselves to be inexhaustible in abundance and inventiveness. Thus, beyond the common meaning that everyone grasps, a second meaning is revealed in multiple passages of the comic strip. And the Gallic readers of the 21st century will find something to laugh about for reasons they had not suspected until then. But, the third revelation, beyond the Gallic, the reader will be led by this slang towards considerations of higher scope and very unexpected. A whole unknown part of Asterix's wealth thus emerges from the secret where it had remained hidden. Unveiling, revealing, it consists in removing a veil to make visible the invisible of the comic, for the greatest pleasure of Asterix readers and their greatest admiration for the genius of its authors. Dominique Allègre is a classical literature teacher. He lives in Montélimar.
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